• N. N Sani
  • A. A. Sabo
  • N. J. Shanono
  • D. Mohammed
  • S. E. Ahmadu
  • A. Ibrahim
  • N. M. Nasidi
Keywords: Efficiency, Feeds, Firms, Ingredients and Poultry


Soil sodicity is one of the major threats affecting the quality of soil globally. Soil sodicity problems remain a critical issue of concern as it adversely affects the yield of crops. This study assessed the effect of millet chaff in ameliorating sodium-affected soils at Thomas Irrigation Scheme in Kano, Nigeria. The experiment consisted of three levels of millet chaff application plus a control labelled (M1 = 1.44 kg/m2, M2 = 1.08 kg/m2, M3 = 0.68 kg/m2 and C = Control). The treatments were replicated three times in a Randomized Complete Block Design and rice seedlings were transplanted in each plot. The results showed a significant difference of soil quality parameters in the treated plots. The pH of soil samples was found to be 5.93, 6.067 and 5.5 for M1, M2, and M3 with percentage pH decrease from the control plot (C = 9.49) of 62, 64, and 58% respectively Similarly, the Sodium Adsorption Ratios were 5.723 for C, 0.188 for M1, 0.133 for M2 and 0.112 for M3. Statistical analysis revealed that there was a significant difference in soil quality indicators from plots treated with millet chaff and that of control. However, the study showed no significant difference in the yield harvested between the treated plots and the control. This suggests that using millet chaff for a sodicity amendment has no significant effect on the yield of a rice crop in the study area because all the prevailing soil properties are within the FAO acceptable range for growing rice.


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ZAKARIM. D., SaniN. N., SaboA. A., ShanonoN. J., MohammedD., AhmaduS. E., IbrahimA., & NasidiN. M. (2022). EFFECT OF MILLET CHAFF AS ORGANIC AMENDMENT ON RICE YIELD IN SODIC SOIL - A CASE STUDY OF THOMAS IRRIGATION SCHEME IN KANO, NIGERIA. FUDMA JOURNAL OF SCIENCES, 6(1), 68 - 80. https://doi.org/10.33003/fjs-2022-0601-820

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