• Kareem A. Bakare
  • Lawal Idris Bagiwa
  • M. M. Nafisa
  • Auwa Abdulsalam
Keywords: 5G Network, Wireless Communication, 5G Technology, 5G spectrum, Fifth Generation Network


The 5G networks stand for fifth generation mobile technology and can outperform earlier versions of wireless communication technology. The new technology provides diverse abilities and encourages full networking among countries globally. Fifth Generation (5G) wireless communication network development was an initiative in furtherance to the current Fourth Generation (4G) wireless communication network technology. The 5G networks for future applications in all domains provide prospects for a fully connected society. The proliferation of all connectivity between the devices provides a broader range of new governance, business structures, health care delivery, Economic growth and insecurity reduction which subsequently paves a path towards different industry profiles, such as energy, Communication and manufacturing sectors. This paper discusses the Concept of 5G Network, 5G network implementation strategies and technology requirements, deployment challenges as well as suggestions on the way forward based on Nigerian context


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