• Babangida M. Sarki Yandoka
Keywords: Sedimentary; Carbonate; Shallow Marine; Facies Model; Ramp Setting


Carbonate microfacies analysis was conducted on the exposed sediments of Dukul Formation from Yola Sub-basin of the Northern Benue Trough with an objective to reconstruct the paleodepositional environment. The study revealed four (4) major microfacies; oyster wackestone, ostracod oyster wackestone-packestone, bioclastic wackestone and bioclastic packestone microfacies. The microfacies assemblages indicate and affirm that the Dukul Formation sediments were deposited in shallow marine (mid-inner ramp) environment under suboxic to relatively anoxic conditions due to sea-level drop. This is further supported owing to the occurence of corals, brachiopods, bivalves and ostracods immediately below the mean fair-weather wave base (FWWB)


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