• Muktar A. Gadanya
  • Imrana A. Buhari
Keywords: Awareness, exposure, health, noise, pollution


Environmental pollution is the most important public health problem densely in populated areas in the developing countries and often the underlying cause of many diseases of public health importance. Noise pollution is an undesirable sound that interferes with wellbeing in the environment with significant effects. With the current rapid growth and technological advancement, noise pollution is increasingly becoming environmental menace that deserves appropriate attention in order to mitigate its health effects. This paper aims to determine the sources, awareness and health effects of noise pollution in a typical Nigerian sub-urban population. Descriptive cross-sectional study using interviewer administered questionnaire and measurement of environmental noise using acoustic metre. Majority of the respondents (75.8%) were exposed to noise levels above the 55dB WHO safe noise level without health effects. Power generators, automobiles and grinding machines are the commonest sources of noise pollution in the studied environment amounted to a value of 55.8%, 40% and 35.8% respectively and to a lesser extent hawker (16.4%) and loudspeaker (9.6%) among others. Sleep disturbance, headache, and poor concentration were commonly reported effects of noise in the environment with magnitudes of 52.7%, 50.9%, 15.8% respectively. Anxiety (12.1%) and hearing disturbances (11.5%) were also common. Noise pollution associated health problems are common in the community with significant effects on the quality of life of the inhabitants. Stable power supply, effective legislation and improvement in living condition of the people are key to minimize noise pollution and avert its deleterious health effects.


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