• Badamasi Abba Yusuf Maitama Sule University, Kano-Nigeria
  • Aminu Suleiman Mohammed Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria
  • Abubakar G. Musa Nuhu Bamalli Polytechnic, Zaria-Nigeria




flexible generalized exponential model, non-monotone failure rates, moments, and method of maximum likelihood.


For proper actualization of the phenomenon contained in some lifetime data sets, a generalization, extension or modification of classical distributions is required. In this paper, we introduce a new generalization of exponential distribution, called the generalized odd generalized exponential-exponential distribution. The proposed distribution can model lifetime data with different failure rates, including the increasing, decreasing, unimodal, bathtub, and decreasing-increasing-decreasing failure rates. Various properties of the model such as quantile function, moment, mean deviations, Renyi entropy, and order statistics.  We provide an approximation for the values of the mean, variance, skewness, kurtosis, and mean deviations using Monte Carlo simulation experiments. Estimating of the distribution parameters is performed using the maximum likelihood method, and Monte Carlo simulation experiments is used to assess the estimation method. The method of maximum likelihood is shown to provide a promising parameter estimates, and hence can be adopted in practice for estimating the parameters of the distribution. An application to real and simulated datasets indicated that the new model is superior to the fits than the other compared distributions

Author Biographies

Badamasi Abba, Yusuf Maitama Sule University, Kano-Nigeria

Department of Mathematics/ Asst. Lecturer

Abubakar G. Musa, Nuhu Bamalli Polytechnic, Zaria-Nigeria

Department of Mathematics and Statistics/ Lecturer


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Abba, B. ., Mohammed, A. S., & Musa, A. G. . (2020). ON THE PROPERTIES AND MLEs OF GENERALIZED ODD GENERALIZED EXPONENTIAL- EXPONENTIAL DISTRIBUTION. FUDMA JOURNAL OF SCIENCES, 4(4), 155 - 165. https://doi.org/10.33003/fjs-2020-0404-458