• A. Y Muhammad
  • B. Taofik
  • A Babangida
  • A. M. Salim
Keywords: Length-weight relationship, Condition Factor, Zobe dam and Alestes baremose


Studies on Alestes baremose caught in Zobe dam were carried out from April to November, 2018, with the aim to describe its aspect of length-weight relationship, condition factor and age. Morphometric parameters of 193 specimens obtained during the study showed a total length range from 8.00cm to 23.00 cm, body weight ranged from 5.00g to 132.3g. The length-weight relationship was W= aL2.919 for sex combined. This indicates negative allometric growth pattern for Alestes in Zobe dam. There was a strong correlation between length and weight (r= 0.8901). The condition factor (k) for females is 1.00 0.10 and that of males was 0.96 0.10. Age determination using annuli count of the scale showed the presence of only 3 age groups during the study period i.e. 0+, 1+ and 2+.  Where age 0+ were 39.38 %, 1+ dominated the catch with 56.99 % and age 2+ were only 3.63%.  The fact that majority of the Alestes in the catches were of small sizes indicates overexploitation of fish in dam.


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